I've been told perfection is boring. Well, I'm certainly not boring (just ask my friends) and I'm definitely not perfect (just ask my kids)! Because of this I have a standing policy of rewarding people who nicely bring an error to my attention with a free single pattern download from my Ravelry pattern store.

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Welcome to QueenieKnits

Queenieknits is what happens when a very active young(ish) woman is derailed by illness.  When I was in my mid-thirties  I went from extremely active to completely bedridden with no real expectation that I would be able to return to my previous level of activity.   I turned to knitting...and then later designing to save my sanity. Before I knew it, I was developing a bit of a reputation as a teacher and designer.  No one is more surprised than I.  It’s been 10 years now...and while my health has improved tremendously, I wouldn’t trade in my sticks and string (and the friends they have brought me) for anything.  

One final thing, the “Queenie” nickname isn’t just delusions of grandeur.  The nickname was given to me by my kids.  I kept having to ask for help and I made a joke out of it:   “Your Queen Requires” (imagine a regal wave).  The nickname stuck, but I get to wear a tiara so I’m not complaining!!!   Happy Knitting!


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